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Smart Home Technology

Over 27 Years of Experience!

These Days Your Home NEEDS Technology

We offer various technology services from speaker/TV installation, automated shades, exterior/landscape lighting and more! Best of all, we add personalized automation to each of these services to give you a truly smart home that is easily to control.
Smart Home Automation offers unique luxuries such as:
Easy-to-use mobile apps that allow you to turn on and off lights even when you’re not home
Exterior lights and automatic shades that turn on and off at specific times of day – based on the actual position of the Sun at your location
The ability to be the boss in your home by using voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant to arm your security system, play music, change the temperature, turn on and off TV’s/lights, and more – all from the comfort of your couch.
Plus, working with a verified dealers like us gives you access to products and warranties that are not available on the market.


Do you love music? What about surround sound?

We will set you up with speakers to fill your home with your favorite music and immersive surround sound. TVs that blend in like a picture on the wall without a wire in sight.


Finally have WiFi coverage for your entire home and property.
Imagine pulling up to your house and you’re already connected to your WiFi…


Exterior lighting is another way to enjoy your home. You can choose a soft natural light or have the option to change the color to reflect the holiday seasons. Whether it be lighting to highlight your landscape or the beautiful sconces glowing around the outside or your house. These lights will add great curb appeal!

Sit by the pool or Patio while watching your team on an outdoor TV or simply relaxing to favorite music.



Professional setup of your Apple MacBook or Windows P, iPhone or Android, iPad or tablet.